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Directory List & Print 4.05 With Crack [License Key]

Directory List & Print 4.05 With Crack:

Directory List & Print 4 With Crack is a simple and reliable directory manager specially designed for a user who needs to list and print the content of any directory at the same time. It enables you to select the files or the folders you are interested in and print them while you are viewing details such as the file size, the time of modifications and the path subtitles.

Directory List & Print 4.05

Directory List & Print The application provides you with a user-friendly interface sectioned by two columns from where you’ll choose the directory you would like. Because it’s designed with a daily window and intuitive structure, where all the tools are displayed on the upper a part of the screen, Directory List & Print enables you to repeat to clipboard the lists you would likewhich may even be exported to other programs or opened directly in Word or Excel. Furthermore, it displays the content of every directory on a tree structure so you’ll easily drag and drop directories from Windows Explorer, also on a loop through sub-directories.

Directory List & Print 4.05

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 Key Features of Directory List & Print 4.05:

  • ave own directory favorites.
  • Set directory recursion depth/levels for subdirectories.
  • Show number and sum of the size and length of the displayed objects.
  • Output the list directly to the default printer.
  • Output the list as a PDF file (page size is adjusted automatically up to A0).
  • Output the list as an XML file, including all selected attributes.
  • Output the list as a comma- or tab-delimited file or CSV file.
  • Output the list directly to Microsoft Word™ and Excel™.
  • Linking of files and directories in Excel™ and HTML output for direct open by mouse click.

Directory List & Print 4.05

 What’s New in Directory List & Print 4.05:

  • New: For printing and PDF output, the page margins can be adjusted and a title line and footnote can be defined (with time variables and page numbers).
  • New: Display of file size of files with automatic range selection (Bytes, KB, MB, GB).
  • Improved: Always displaying numerical values with locally set decimal signs and thousands of separators, with the additional option of explicitly displaying the numerical values in other international formats. (In Excel, the numbers are always displayed according to the Excel settings, so that they retain their numerical function.)

Directory List & Print 4.05

 System Requirements of Directory List & Print 4:

  • Windows Vista SP2/7/8/10
  • Latest Windows Platform SDK
  • Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/10
  • Windows 2008/2012 Server
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 8
  • Windows 10


 How to Crack Directory List & Print 4?

  1. First of all, Download the crack files.
  2. Copy the license key.
  3. Paste into the software.
  4. Install the crack.
  5. It is successfully cracked


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